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International Association of Voice Stress Analysts, LLC

“The International Association of Voice Stress Analysts, LLC  (IAVSA) has received approval from the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) and all Arkansas attendees will receive credit for attending our class, hosted by the Ozark (AR) Police Department.  We are also POST certified in the state of Missouri, who also allows Missouri examiners credit for attending our classes.”

We invite all Law Enforcement Agencies, Licensed Security Agencies, Corporate & Industrial Security Departments, and Professional Private VSA Examiners to attend our programs.


The International Association of Voice Stress Analysts provides professional voice stress analysis training to law enforcement agencies, licensed security agencies, corporate & industrial security departments, and professional private examiners.

The IAVSA offers classes at a significant savings to law enforcement, corporate/industrial security, and professional private examiners. Our (40) Hour Basic Examiners Course (5 Days) for $595.00. Our (24) Hour Continuing Education Class is only $225.00 for a 3-Day course.

New examiners ran 15 or more tests during this class and were well prepared to administer tests at their police agencies.

Our Basic Examiners Course attendees for new examiners utilizing the CVSA® and Vipre.

An instructor and an instructor-in-training, Bill Bleckman, with new examiners at this Basic class.


Cost Savings

Requires minimal training time, so law enforcement officers do not have to be away from their assigned duty for an extended period of time. The lower cost of our training benefits the agency's budget, without compromising the quality of training.


Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) technology can also be used in covert operations since an individual's verbal responses can be recorded and analyzed at a later time. The use of voice stress analysis in a hiring process has proven invaluable for pre-employment screening. The pre-employment examination is utilized to assist background investigators with fact finding and the verification of information presented by the applicant.


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Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, California, Colorado, & Georgia.


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