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About Us

The IAVSA is a professional training organization serving the needs of law enforcement agencies, licensed security agencies, corporate & industrial security departments, and professional private examiners. IAVSA is the oldest VSA (Voice Stress Analysis) training association in existence. The IAVSA is the only training provider to offer a dual certification for both the VIPRE VSA and CVSA systems. The IAVSA was first established in 1995 and proudly serves our existing members and students, and look forward to serving the needs of examiners from the public and private sector. The IAVSA Board of Directors is comprised of current and retired supervisory law enforcement. Our board members consists of Detectives and Chiefs of Police, and a Chief Deputies. We are also VIPRE VSA & CVSA examiners and can relate to our membership base.

IAVSA maintains high standards in terms of the personal/professional background and quality of instructors. IAVSA instructors have outstanding reputations with the law enforcement agencies currently employed with or where they retired from. IAVSA instructors are conducting exams for LE agencies and other government agencies. This is an added benefit as IAVSA instructors can relate to other examiners as they are actively conducting tests and making chart calls using both the VIPRE VSA and CVSA. IAVSA instructors are members of ILEETA - International Law Enforcement Educators & Training Association.

The IAVSA has hundreds of years of law enforcement experience on our board, to include actually running a division or an entire LE agency. We can relate to law enforcement problems and the rising cost of training. IAVSA started as a non-profit organization but has moved on to meet the growing demands to provide VSA training to other qualified entities. IAVSA realizes it is not just the cost of the training class it is the added expenses. As we move forward, the IAVSA's goal is to keep training cost to a minimum, saving agencies hundreds of dollars when compared to other training providers.